Coaching for Individuals

What is coaching?

The pace at which we’re expected to perform and communicate continues to increase. Social structures become more complex and fragmented. It’s easy to feel pressured and unseen. We are often unsupported in the challenges we face. At certain times many of us need support and guidance to work through problems, achieve more professionally, or overcome obstacles to our growth as mature adults.  Coaching has sprung up in response to these needs.

A good coach will help clients to recognise and define their goals and to make the changes necessary to become more effective in their personal or professional life.

My approach

My goal as an executive coach is to increase the client’s sense of independence, personal control, and fulfilment. I work on an assumption, supported by experience, that we carry within us the means to enhance our own effectiveness and joy.

I have an instinctive feel for the subtleties of human interaction. It is sharpened, from years in this field, by an understanding of what motivates people, and how their behaviour affects organiSational culture and performance.  In coaching, I draw on a variety of disciplines and experiences, finding an approach to suit the individual client and the particular the issues the client is dealing with.

People contact me for coaching in order to…

  • Make a skilful transition from one job to the next.
  • Explore more meaningful work in their life.
  • Increase their self esteem
  • Manage work/life balance issues
  • Cope with a work situation where there is tension or conflict with a boss, peer, or direct report.
  • Cope with the emotional and professional issues related to redundancy.
  • Lose weight, exercise more, reduce daily stress
  • Become a more effective director, manager, educator, MD, spouse, or parent.

Does coaching work?

Yes. While there are no silver bullets in this process, the fact is that coaching is a highly successful means of making lasting changes in one’s life.

Leni Wildflower’s coaching is masterful.  Her blended approach is both results-oriented and transformational.  Specifically life-changing for me was the way in which she helped to get behind issues to examine the root causes of resistance.  In doing so, I was able to remove (life-long) self-limiting thinking and roadblocks, and move ahead to enjoy greater fulfillment and success, both personally and professionally.
Patti L. Cotton, MAOD, ACC
Consultant, Executive Coach, Mediator, Speaker
Instructor, La Sierra University