Knowledge Based Coaching in the Workplace

Knowledge-Based Coaching
in the Workplace
ICF Certification

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A cost effective, intelligent, and efficient coach training program
149 Coach Specific Training Hours

What is Knowledge Based Coaching in the workplace?

Knowledge Based Coaching in the Workplace blends practical coaching skills with underlying theories and traditions – drawn from psychology, self-help traditions, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. This training encourages a flexible approach to the client’s needs, and a recognition that, when appropriate, different areas of knowledge may be helpful to the client, depending on the circumstance, and the client’s openness to learning new ideas or concepts.

Becoming a Skillful Coach

Knowledge Based Coaching will teach you to be a skillful coach. This involves understanding coaching theory. It also involves understanding and practicing the fundamental practices of coaching – the International Coaching Federation core competencies.

  1. Demonstrate ethical practice
  2. Embody a coaching mindset
  3. Establish and maintain agreements
  4. Cultivate trust and safety
  5. Maintain presence
  6. Listen Actively
  7. Evoke Awareness
  8. Facilitate Client Growth

Programme objectives

  • Practical coaching skills for all participants
  • Theoretical underpinnings of coaching
  • Working with like-minded colleagues
  • A cost- and time-efficient learning experience
  • Skills required by the International Coach Federation for certification
  • A creative and effective way to help people and organizations grow and develop in these times.

How this program will benefit you

  • You will become proficient at helping your co-workers and
    colleagues to communicate skillfully.
  • You will acquire the most up-to-date skills for effective coaching
    and mentoring inside and outside of your organization.
  • You will acquire a solid understanding of coaching, based on
    theories drawn from psychology, communication, leadership, and adult development
  • You will understand yourself and your colleagues with new clarity and perspective.
  • You will obtain international
    recognition as a certified coach
    (ACC or PCC) through ICF.
  • Depending on your interest & aptitude, this certification may be the first step towards a complementary line of work.

Programme Components

  • Phase 1: Four hours online orientation training
  • Phase 2: 12-week online training course delivered through a Moodle platform
  • Six observed coaching sessions delivered via zoom during the 12-week course
  • Phase 3: Seven group mentor coaching sessions: via zoom
  • Phase 4: Three individual mentor coaching sessions via phone or zoom (with Leni Wildflower or a certified trainer)

Knowledge Based Coaching includes:

  • Knowledge Based Coach training manual
  • Hand outs, tools, and processes for coaching
  • Group and individual mentor coaching with Leni Wildflower
  • Assistance in applying to the ICF for certification
  • Assistance in preparing for the ICF exam
  • Assistance in finding clients for your certification

Program Director: Leni Wildflower, PhD, PCC

  • 25 years experience coaching and training coaches
  • Designed and delivered first Evidence Based Coaching program at Fielding Graduate University.
  • Has worked globally: Asia, Europe, South America Africa and in the United States
  • Author: Knowledge Based Coaching in the Workplace and The Hidden History of Coaching
  • Assists the ICF in helping design coach training programs
  • Is EASY to work with—supportive And friendly.

Previous programs delivered

Knowledge Based Coach Training for organizations and companies:

  • Sony Global
  • Whirlpool International
  • Getty Images
  • Sony PlayStation, Liverpool
  • Cowan Incorporated
  • WhiteWave Foods
  • Prudential Life Insurance
  • National Institute of Health

Knowledge Based Coach Training for Groups of Individuals:

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • New York City
  • San Diego
  • Toronto
  • And London

Photo of a class Photo of a class

For further information……

Leni Wildflower, PhD, PCC
Home: (+44) 208 673 4098
Mobile (+44) 7530 149 764

What participants say about this program

Knowledge-Based Coaching was taught for all executives in my global team, and guided selected leaders to qualify for the ICF exam.  As a reliable collaborator and mentor Leni is depended upon to produce high quality educational experiences and training to meet our coaching goals. We first met Leni as a coach, and based on her expertise she was then called on to deliver a coaching curriculum for our global team in order to create a coaching culture among our managers.  She is an accomplished teacher, well-versed in course design.
Charles Connoy
VP Global Platform
Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios

Knowledge Based Coaching in the Workplace is essential for anyone serious about becoming legitimate in their coaching practice. This program takes the science and art of coaching to a new level by combining theories of human development with the pragmatic and practical skills needed for creating a powerful partnership with coaching leaders for awareness and change. Working with Leni is both challenging in the rigor she requires for perfecting one’s practices and revealing in coming to know one’s own capacity for learning, changing and growing themselves as professional coaches.
Hank Provost
Past Senior VP of HR, WhiteWave Foods
Current:  President, Organizational Strategies

Leni Wildflower is a fabulous teacher, mentor and human being.  I enrolled in her Knowledge-Based Coaching in the Workplace course to enhance my ability to work with my adult students.  Leni provided excellent skill based information in a clear and enjoyable way.  She digs deep in her teaching.  Leni has moved me from simply advising to becoming a coach, and I learned much about myself through her training as well.
Cantor Nancy Abramson
Director, H.L. Miller Cantorial School
Jewish Theological Seminary

Leni Wildflower and her team are a delight to work with! As part of learning and development for my HR team, we hired them at Getty Images to conduct in-house International Coach Federation certification training, Knowledge-Based Coaching in the Workplace.  An experienced trainer, Leni is attentive to the various levels of coaching experience on a team and makes herself available for follow up calls and discussions to keep everyone focused and on track. She has deep knowledge of the ICF content and coaching theory and practices, and brings many years of academic and practical experience to the program. I highly recommend Leni for coaching/training for ICF certification.
Lisa Calvert
Senior VP, Human Resources
Getty Images Inc.

I have been coaching for over 20 years and felt incredibly experienced in this area, In 2014 my husband/partner and I went through Leni’s program and I can’t tell you how much we learned and how it has enhanced our coaching practice, which is our reason for partnering with Leni.  You will not find a program that provides you so much personal attention and is customized to meet your needs.
Janice Drake, MBA
Executive Director, Hope 360 Consulting

For a downloaded copy of the program outline, click here.