Immunity to Change

Immunity to Change Map and Follow-up Coaching Practice

What is it?
Logo for Immunity to ChangeImmunity to Change is a coaching process, developed through research at Harvard University, which explores the unconscious assumptions that keep us from making the change we desire. The objective is to help you both understand your unconscious assumptions, and then begin to actively work towards eliminating whatever is keeping you from changing. The process has been used successfully in both professional and personal situations, with individuals and with groups and teams.

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How does it work?

  • Each participant fills in a 4 column map, consisting of your own commitments and assumptions.
  • After the 4 column map is complete, the facilitator leads the group through a series of activities and tests at two week intervals.   These activities work toward challenging and eliminating the assumptions which keeps people from changing.

Benefits of the program

  • An understanding of how our socially constructed thinking, including our big assumptions, make behavior change difficult if not impossible.
  • An increase in the complexity of your thinking.
  • An ability to make significant life and professional changes.

The program includes

  • Five toll-free 90 minute conference calls via Zoom
  • inspiring interaction with a maximum of 6 students
  • the Immunity to Change map and official coaching follow up workbook
  • additional resources on Immunity to Change and Adult Development

Program Agenda

Session 1 Filling in and honing your map; Determining if your aspirational goal (commitment goal) is the commitment you want to work on. Filling in, revising or re-doing your map.
Session 2 Continium of Progress—Imagining what your life would like if your Big Assumption had disappeared.
Session 3 Observing your Big Assumption and observing natural challenges to your Big Assumption.
Session 4 Writing a biography of your Big Assumption and designing a test of your Big Assumption.
Session 5 Designing tests of your Big Assumption.
Session 6 Running tests of your Big Assumption.
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