The Knowledge Based Approach


What is it?

Knowledge-based coaching is an approach that involves adapting theories, knowledge, and traditions from a whole range of disciplines and applying them to the coaching engagement, as and when appropriate.  These may include theories from leadership, psychology, change management, and organisational culture; knowledge from spirituality, family systems, sustainability, and mindfulness; and traditions from self-help and the human potential movements.

Why is it important?

Working from an extensive knowledge base allows the coach to shape a strategy for working with the client based on verifiable, credible resources, and to serve the client’s needs with greater focus and precision. For good reason, coaches with a knowledge-based background have a distinct marketing edge.

Does your coach training organization need to add a knowledge-based component?

I have written knowledge-based curricula and trained faculty in a variety of coach training organisations around the world. My courses and trainings are individually designed for coaches, training companies, and individuals.

Leni Wildflower’s consulting work allowed Prudential to customize professional development for prospective internal executive coaches. Grounded in theory and research, the program provided a foundation for Prudential professionals to move forward with enthusiasm and competence on their journey to become executive coaches.
Lee Wanveer
Vice President, Learning
Prudential Financial